Saturday, February 2, 2008

Worm Home

The worms' new home arrived yesterday, and I set it up last night. It seems silly spending as much money as I did when I could have made something myself... but life is always a trade-off in this way, and I have several other projects I need to complete now. So I chose the Worm Factory:

I bought it from All Things Organic: (They have good customer service.)

I had read elsewhere that the bin was made from recycled plastic, but now I find that only the black version of the bin is recycled. The Terra Cotta version is made from food grade plastic (that's good in other ways). It would have been nice to know before I bought it.

Instead, I have an illustration of the difficulty of trying to be an environmentally conscious consumer. I didn't have all the facts before I made my purchase. I couldn't find the manufacturer's website until I had the item in my possession, so after the fact I have more info about what the product is made out of. Why aren't the retailers highlighting the fact that there is a recycled version?

In cat news, comfort zone for cats (aka the Feliway diffuser) arrived today and we plugged it into a wall socket in Cally's room. This product releases the same pheromone that happy cats release when they rub their cheeks against things. It is supposed to help cats feel safe and comfortable. I will report back later if she seems calmer.

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